Deepening Yoga Practice

Deepening Yoga Practice

Seminar and Lecture with Swami Savikalpananda Saraswati

When yoga is done occasionally with the random choice of practices, it does bring change in our lives. However, the approach does not allow us to even glimpse the amount of progress on our path of self-discovery and achieving of contentment and understanding.

Each of us wishes for good health, peace, contentment and happiness. In order to achieve stability in life, our yoga practice needs upgrading.

Yoga is an ancient system of self-discovery and it is not by chance that there are different schools in which acclaimed masters have developed methods and systems that work. It is said that it is most safe to follow steps that were prescribed long ago and tested by time.

This yoga weekend will be filled with practices, theoretical explanations and practical examples of how yoga can enrich our lives. We will learn how to practice yoga more regularly and systematically just by making small changes in our everyday programs and better planning.

Seminar participants will have the opportunity to receive valuable advice, instructions and answers from Swami Savikalpananda Saraswati, an experienced yogi who has lived at Satyanandashram in Greece for over 30 years. The following questions will be discussed:

How to deepen our practice of asanas and pranayamas?
What is the real goal and purpose of pranayamas?
Which techniques can we use to realize more subtle layers of our being?
How to become more regular in our practice?
How to transfer our yoga practice from our yoga mat to our everyday lives?
Which components of yoga can we use out of the yoga class in order to make ourselves and others more happy?

Swami Savikalpananda Saraswati

Swami Savikalpananda Saraswati studied nursing and midwifery at the Medical School of Belgrade. She went on to study music at the Dr. Vojislav Vučković School of Music in Belgrade. She has been practicing yoga since 1987. She completed her training in 1989 under the guidance of Swami Sivamurti Saraswati. Her specialization is in Nada yoga and Mantra yoga (the application of sound and music).